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Dear Friends and Families of Sunflower,

Starting from March 23, we will only serve carry-out and delivery orders. The dine-in service will be temporary suspended due to coronavirus pandemic. During this difficult time, we want to ensure the community still has a way to obtain their favor Sunflower vegan and vegetarian cuisine.  Here is how:


  • Place carry-out or delivery orders from our website.

  • Order delivery via the Uber Eats Mobile App. 

  • Order delivery via the DoorDash Mobile App. 

  • Place carry-out order via (703) 319-3888.

We promise to adhere to the CDC Guidelines as the health and well being of our friends, families, and staff are our top priority. We will continue to monitor and implement local, state, and federal recommendations as they are announced.


Although Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has impacted our communities and affected our lifestyles, we assure you that the Sunflower mission will not change (since 1997): to nourish hearty lives with healthy meals. 


The only reason Sunflower remains "OPEN" is to cheer you up!

God bless America!

Calvin, Owner

"We rise by lifting others"  - Robert G. Ingersoll

Local fresh cuisine for everyone


Sunflowers are named after the sun that provides us with life and energy. They symbolize warmth, health, and good nature. Sunflowers continually face the sun, absorbing the light’s nourishment, which is passed on in the form of sunflower seeds. Once sunflowers blossom, however, they no longer follow the sun - the unselfish sunflowers only take as much energy as they need.


Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant wishes to follow the spirit of sunflower. With these ideas in mind, we take great pride in introducing more people to vegetarianism.


In gratitude for these precious gifts from our earth, we want to preserve our nature. Our sense of nature tells us that if we try to conserve and prevent waste, we can maintain the balance that critically affects the peace and harmony we enjoy in our lives.

Delightful dishes for your soul. 


Sunflower emphasizes taste as well health values. Sunflower is a 100% vegetarian restaurant with a great selection of VEGAN dishes that look and taste like real meat, poultry, and seafood. Our menu features Japanese, Chinese, and Continental style dishes. We constantly strive to maintain the highest qualities in health, taste, and conservation.

We use items imported directly from their original sources and adopt vegetable substitutes for mock meat, poultry, and seafood. In our dishes, flavors are enhanced from natural ingredients, such as kelp powder, kombu, sea salt, gomashio, organic brown rice syrup, fresh nature root vegetables, etc.


We hope that every dish you have at Sunflower will convince you that you are not only doing something great for you body, but also for our world.